Since 1968, Bethany Bible Training Center, formerly Pinecrest Bible Training Center, has welcomed students from across the United States and around the world to come apart to be transformed by God.

Founder Wade Taylor served as Pinecrest’s first President until 1996, when he was succeeded by his son, Dr. Ronald Taylor. Dr. Richard Forde then served as President from 2001-2006.

In 2006, Jack Picataggi, former teacher and Academic Dean, was installed as Bethany’s current President. His wife, Joanne, serves as Dean.

God placed a burning desire in the Picataggi’s hearts to co-labor with the Holy Spirit to raise up a prophetic people for the last days. When Jack was a student at Pinecrest in the 1970’s, God spoke to Jack and Joanne separately that they would pioneer a school of the Spirit. Years later, Samuel Howells, son of intercessor Rees Howells of the Bible College of Wales, prophesied that they would become leaders of a school for end-time anointed ones.

In 2010, the Board of Directors voted to change the school’s name from Pinecrest—the name originally given to a state-run tuberculosis sanatorium and later assumed by an earlier Bible school operating on the property—to Bethany Bible Training Center to reflect the school’s vision and the cry in God’s heart for intimacy with His people.