Message From the President

In the Bible, Bethany was a place Jesus loved to visit and where He was welcomed by His friends, Mary, Martha and Lazarus. It was at Bethany that Jesus taught His disciples and Mary sat at Jesus’ feet in devotion and anointed His feet in adoration and worship.

In the same way, we want our school to be a place where God loves to abide and where He is given free reign to accomplish the purposes of His heart both in and through us.

One of our earliest school brochures says of the bride in the Song of Solomon: “No longer was she satisfied with a knowledge of things about God; she desired intimate knowledge of God Himself. An intense reduction of all her ambitions, dreams and desires brought her to a singleness of vision and purpose. We believe this is the desire of the heart of God for His people everywhere today—to know Him!"

This is still God’s desire: that His people would know Him. We want to respond—to allow God to so establish His heart in us that our very lives will echo the cry of His heart for our generation.

Do you have a desire to set aside distractions to seek God with all your heart?

Are you desperate to experience more of God—to truly know Him?

Are you seeking God for His purpose and will for your life?

Do you want to be grounded in the Word of God?

If you feel the Lord is drawing you to a deeper relationship with Him, consider Bethany.

Jack J. Picataggi