Types of Credentials

Credentials through the Bethany Ministerial Fellowship provide spiritual and legal recognition of the calling and ministry God has already placed upon an individual and assists in the fulfillment of the ministry

• Licensing:

Licensing is available to part-time or probationary ministers preparing for the ordained ministry. It is for those who need a license in order to minister, but are not called into ordained ministry

• Ordination:

Ordination is available for those who are called into ministry and who are recognized as being set apart by the Lord for that ministry.

Additional requirements for Ordination:
• Meet all the requirements mentioned in the brochure
• Show evidence of fruit of the ministry and need for ordination
• Be licensed for at least one year
• Or transfer from another organization in good standing and with recommendation

• Associate Membership:

Associate membership is for those who hold credentials in good standing with other organizations, but wish to be identified with Bethany Ministerial Fellowship.

• Church or Ministerium Affiliation