Benefits of Membership
Members of the Ministerial Fellowship receive the following benefits:
·    The ability to perform legal ceremonies:  weddings, funerals, etc. (which require
     license or ordination – check your state regulatory body)
·    Access to prisons, hospitals, nursing homes and psychiatric centers
·    Church organization assistance
·    A support fellowship of prayer, counsel and exchange of ideas
·    Channels for ministry outreach
·    Fellowship at conferences and regional meetings
·    Support from regional leaders
·    A quarterly newsletter
·    A basis of fellowship with likeminded ministers and ministries
The Bethany Ministerial Fellowship also provides:
·    A spiritual covering for you
·    Fellowship, mutual nurturing and encouragement
·    Consultation and literature regarding Bible correspondence courses, Bible
     school, and Christian professional organizations
·    Counseling regarding marriage and family
·    Guidance, counseling, training and appropriate support services to overseas
·    Regional meetings, as announced
·    A yearly Leadership Conference at Bethany Bible Training Center
·    Consultation and networking on ministry-related issues and programs
·    An intercessory prayer group available to all members in response to requests
     for ministry and personal matters in need of urgent or continuing prayer
·    Consulting regarding structure, legal, accounting, tax and professional
     resources available from various sources