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Dedication of Bethany Bible Training Center
Chesapeake, Virginia


Jay Comiskey (Vice President of CBN)
October 18, 2013

Brent Lucy


A Samuel Generation
November 20, 2013

Bethany Series

Bill Welker: Becoming Bethany, a Home for the Lord

Becoming Bethany, A Home for the Lord, Part 1
July 22, 2008

Becoming Bethany, A Home for the Lord, Part 2
July 23, 2008

Becoming Bethany, A Home for the Lord, Part 3
July 24, 2008

Becoming Bethany, A Home for the Lord, Part 4
July 25, 2008

Ric Vargas: Bethany

A Certain Village
March 23, 2010

Let Us Also Go
April 27, 2010

He Whom You Love is Sick
April 13, 2010

Martha, Martha
March 30, 2010

Christ's Love for Humanity
October 26, 2010

Roll Away the Stone
November 2, 2010

Seated With Christ
November 9, 2010

Anointed for Burial
November 16, 2010

We are Jonah
December 7, 2010

He Led Them Out
December 14, 2010

Bethany Faculty Messages

Jack Picataggi

Jack Picataggi is President of Bethany Bible Training Center.

Eternal Life
June 27, 2010

God's Royal Generation
July 5, 2008

The Ageless Generation
January 9, 2008

Day Of Preparation
October 26, 2007

The High Calling of God, Part 2
May 25, 2007

Joanne Picataggi

Joanne Picataggi is Dean of Bethany Bible Training Center.

Bought With a Price
October 24, 2009

God Will Have a Remnant Ready
November 1, 2008

The Sinless Generation
February 23, 2008

Ruth and Boaz - A Type of Heavenly Marriage
July 6, 2008

Becoming An Intimate Of God
November 25, 2007

Wendy Levey

Wendy Levey is a member of the faculty at Bethany Bible Training Center.

The Inner Beauty of Christ's Bride
October 31, 2008

Becoming A Resting Place for God
October 25, 2007, p.m.

Michael Smith

Michael Smith is a member of the faculty at Bethany Bible Training Center.

Called to Be a Leader
September 9, 2009

Breakthrough in Worship
February 17, 2010

Ric Vargas

Ric Vargas pastors Bethany Fellowship in Farmingville, on Long Island, New York and has ministered throughout the United States and around the world. Ric attended Pinecrest from 1974-1977, where he met his wife, Mikki. He is a prophetic teacher who has a vision to see the Body of Christ come into “the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.”

A Prophetic People
February 16, 2010, Chapel

True Revival Through God's Word and Voice
August 30, 2008 a.m., 40th Anniversary Celebration

Foundations Of Worship - Spirit And Truth, Part 2
November 23, 2007 p.m.

Devotional Messages

Walter Beuttler

Walter Beuttler was a Bible school teacher who traveled the world ministering the Word of God for over 40 years.

His Manifest Presence, Part 1

His Manifest Presence, Part 2

His Manifest Presence, Part 3

His Manifest Presence, Part 4

Knowing God's Ways, Part 1A

Knowing God's Ways, Part 1B

Knowing God's Ways, Part 2

Knowing God's Ways, Part 3

Knowing God's Ways, Part 4

Knowing God's Ways, Part 5A

Knowing God's Ways, Part 5B

Charles Haun

The Seven Spirits

Joseph Nieves

Joseph Nieves taught at Pinecrest from its inception in 1968 and served as the school’s second Academic Dean from 1973-1979. He is a member of Bethany’s Board of Directors and pastors Emmanuel Fellowship Church in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Spiritual Release in our Lives
April 22, 2008

The Man Child
January 25, 2007

Edgar Parkyns

Edgar Parkyns was born and raised in England. He received his call to ministry while a government worker. He was a pastor in England and a missionary to Africa, where he founded a Bible school, and later served as a missionary to America. He taught at Elim from 1972-1975 and lived at Pinecrest from 1975 until his death in 1987.

Romans, Session 1, #2

Romans, Session 3, #2

Romans, Session 4, #2

Romans, Session 5, #2

Romans, Session 6, #2

Romans, Session 7, #2

Romans, Session 8, #2

Romans, Session 9, #1

Romans, Session 9, #2

Romans, Session 10, #1

Romans, Session 10, #2

Barbara Massie

Born in Scotland, Barbara Massie was the first woman to attend and graduate from the Bible College of Wales in the early 1950’s. She first visited Pinecrest in 1970, and through the 1970’s and 1980’s, Pinecrest became Barbara’s home and ministry base until she returned to Stafford, England in 1993. She went to be with the Lord in 1994.

Giving Ourselves in Prayer

Rest in the Lord

Bill Welker

Bill Welker is a 1973 Pinecrest graduate who served as a faculty member for four years in the mid-1970’s and again for a brief time in the 1980’s. He has pastored several churches, traveled to several countries, and is a Bible teacher. Bill and his wife, Joan, live in Alpharetta, Georgia.

The Cry of Truth
January 7, 2009

Dr. Eldon Wilson

Joseph: Living an Overcoming Life
February 3, 2011


Womens Retreat, Fall 2011

Joanne Laws, The Manifest Presence of The Lord

Joanne Laws, What am I doing here?

Joanne Picataggi, The Passion of The Lord