The New Generation

 by Jack Picataggi

We are hearing everywhere that God is beginning a new and final move in the earth.


Terms such as “this generation,” “the Bride,” “The Overcomer,” “The Kingdom,” and “The Church” are being spoken out in more places and settings than ever before.  Different people bring many different interpretations and opinions about these and other subjects, and we wanted to express for Pinecrest and The Banner what some of this means to us.  This is not a complete or perfect interpretation, but rather what we feel we have from the Lord so far.


We are excited concerning this day in which we live.  We feel that the Lord has been preparing us and raising up others for the greatest day this earth has ever witnessed.  He has been working and preparing this new generation for the Day of the Lord.


Who is this “new generation” we hear so much about?  We often hear that it is the present day youth that the Lord is raising up in purity to be free from “religion” and free to be totally abandoned to love Him. I say amen to that, but there are more that are part of “this generation.”  The first generation in Israel had to die for the new to enter in, yet without some of the old, such as Joshua and Caleb, the children would not have possessed the Promised Land.


We must carry in the wisdom from the spiritual mothers and fathers that have held their heart and lives in faith toward God. We are also beginning to see another group emerging—the little ones that are being raised for Him that will be and remain pure in heart toward the Lord, knowing Him in a way so many others have not.


“This Generation,” while it does relate to a specific time and the people of that time, is more a term to describe the “generation of Jesus.”  This generation is comprised of the babies and the young as well as the old.  It is a Kingdom people whose hearts burn for God and for His purposes regardless of age, gender or race. They have walked, are walking, and are starting their walk knowing and loving Him and His heart’s desire.


The Gospel of John, more than anywhere else, presents the testimony of Jesus—how He was here for the Father, and how everything He did was based on His and the Father’s love for each other.  Jesus was a “Kingdom Man.” To Him, the Kingdom of God was not a geographic location but a living realm—an expression of His Father’s heart and love.  If you will, this generation even goes beyond us alive today and includes those in Hebrews 11 and all those who have chosen Him since then.


So then, I would describe the changing of the guard as a day that changes from men doing what they have known to do to God intervening and doing what He has determined for this specific day and time.


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