International Applicants

Note: The following information does not apply to Canadian applicants. Upon acceptance, Canadian students will be issued an I-20 form to present to the U.S. Immigration officer at the border when entering the United States.

An international student who has been accepted to Bethany and who has submitted the required funds will be issued an I-20 form to present to the U.S. Immigration officer at the border when entering the United States.


Additional admissions requirements will be explained to the applicant upon contacting the Admissions Office.


To contact the Admissions Office, please email:

Guidelines for International Students

Upon acceptance, students at Bethany are expected to adhere to the following guidelines.

Please read carefully.

1. Students are accepted only for the beginning of the school year.

2. An applicant must submit the following items with his/her application:

A non-refundable application fee of $30 (in U.S. funds only)
A copy of his/her passport
A copy of his/her birth certificate
A copy of his/her high school diploma or transcript
Transcripts from any previous Bible schools attended (if applicable)
Two Christian Character Reference forms
All documents must be translated into English.

3. Non-immigrant students are not permitted by U.S. law to seek employment in this country. International students need to make provision for any personal spending money needed while here and should arrive with at least $100 (U.S.) to cover their initial expenses.

4. When accepting international students, we only accept the person making application.  Spouses and children are not permitted to come along with the student. Married applicants need to take into consideration the impact upon the family by their absence for nine months. They also need to make sure that the family will be adequately provided for in their absence, and if needed by the family, must be prepared to return home early. Because M-1 international students are not permitted to work during their time in the United States, they must be aware that they will not be able to provide for their family during any unexpected emergency during their absence.

5. We recommend that applicants do not borrow the money to purchase a ticket and meet their expenses.

6. Before an I-20 form can be issued, which is needed to obtain a non-immigrant visa, students must be able to show proof of ability to pay expenses that may arise during their stay at Bethany. These fees include required textbooks, a return ticket, and any other unforeseen expenses that may occur. Bethany requires a $1,500.00 deposit for these expenses, in addition to the $8,504.00 necessary for one school year. This can be paid after acceptance by certified check or by wiring the funds directly to our bank. Bank information will be given at the time of acceptance. At the end of the student's studies, the money not spent will be returned. If a visa is denied, the deposit will be refunded except for a $50.00 nonrefundable wire transfer fee.

7. Bethany does not issue I-20 forms after August 1.

8. Please note that Bethany it not an accredited institution. Bethany has chosen not to seek accreditation in order to have full liberty to fulfill its God-ordained mission as a school of the Holy Spirit without outside interference in any way. Upon completion of the Biblical Studies or Advanced Biblical Studies program, students will receive a diploma. Bethany credits may be transferable into other accredited, degree-granting institutions.

9. International students must make provision for transportation to and from the school. Students are required to fly into airports in either Norfolk International Airport or Newport News International Airport. Transportation from the airport is available through Bethany for $25.00 and should be requested at least one week before arrival.

10. Fundraising or solicitation of funds for personal needs once students arrive at Bethany is prohibited.

11. Students must bring with them any and all medications used at home, i.e., malaria treatment, parasite treatment, etc. Those types of medicines may not be available in the United States.

International Fees and Expenses

Effective September 2013

Full-Time Dormitory Students (Effective September 2014)

Class Fee ($53 per credit X 15 credit hours)


Room and Board


Registration Fees*


Total Cost per QUARTER


Total Cost per ACADEMIC YEAR


*Registration fee includes: Activity, Yearbook, and Post Office Box Fees

All fees must be paid in U.S. funds.

Before they are issued an I-20 form International students are required to submit payment for the entire year, in addition to a $1,500.00 deposit to be used for additional expenses.

International Application Forms

Prices may be subject to change without notice.