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How the Program Works

Bethany Bible Training Center’s Correspondence School of the Bible is intended to allow students who are not able to enroll in Bethany’s on-campus programs the opportunity to study the Bible from their homes.

These courses are designed to draw you closer to our Lord Jesus Christ and to come into a fuller understanding of His purposes for your life.

We invite you to set aside time to seek the Lord and to study His Word. If your heart’s cry is to meet God and to know Him in a greater way, consider enrolling in our correspondence school!

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How the Program Works

When your enrollment form is received, you will be sent your class materials. Correspondence courses are completed at your own pace and are presented in an easy-to-follow format that will challenge you in your study of God’s Word.

Each course includes a registration form for the next course and information about other available courses. Courses may be taken in any order.


Cost per course: $50.00 per credit hour

· 2-credit courses: $100.00
· 4-credit courses: $200.00
· 1-credit courses (Chapel): $50.00

Note: Full payment must be received before the course is issued. Please contact the Admissions Office for information about discounts for international and incarcerated students.


A certificate is awarded upon the completion of 15 credits. These credits can be transferred to Bethany Bible Training Center, should the student decide to enroll as a resident student. Students will receive a final grade for each course. Transcripts are available upon request.


Each course includes a course manual; some include a textbook. Other suggested materials include a Bible, a Bible dictionary and a concordance. Some courses will suggest additional materials to compliment your study, but each course is complete in itself.


Most courses include Mid-Term and Final Exams to be taken under a proctor’s supervision. To receive the exams, the student must submit the Proctor Examination Request Form included with the materials.



This course is a survey of Genesis through Deuteronomy. Special emphasis is placed on the unfolding steps of God’s redemptive plan as seen in the Pentateuch, and the typical significance of Israel’s journey to and conquest of the Promised Land.


This course is a survey of Joshua through II Chronicles. Special attention is given to the falling away of Israel and its restoration, with an emphasis on typical applications to the Christian life and the Church.


After a review of the Restoration Books, this course covers the Poetic Books from Job to the Song of Solomon. Special emphasis is given to principles of interpreting the poetic books and making application of these books to the Christian life.


This course covers the prophets from Isaiah to Malachi. Full attention is given to the predominating theme of the coming of Messiah and the Kingdom, as well as principles of interpreting prophetic writings.

THEOLOGY: 4 credits

This course studies the doctrines of God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, man and salvation, church and the Scriptures, angels, Satan and the last days. Scripture pas-sages representative of each doctrine will be examined in context with the whole Bible. The course includes Biblical discussions on the topics of grace, healings, stewardship, tongues and spiritual warfare.

GALATIANS: 2 credits

This course is designed to give you an understanding of the epistle of the Apostle Paul to the Galatians as you study his reasons for writing and his arguments in defense of a pure Gospel message.

EPHESIANS: 2 credits

This course reviews the book of Ephesians and is de-signed to help you understand the process involved in this matter of personal Christian maturity. It offers practical insight for the application of Paul’s teaching to the Church of Jesus Christ.

JAMES: 2 credits

The book of James is an extremely practical call to godly living; to exercising not just faith, but godly works as well. This is a study aimed at instilling an appreciation of and a challenge toward holiness and fruitfulness in our Christian lives.

HEBREWS: 2 credits

This study of the book of Hebrews is designed to bring you to a clear understanding of how the Old Testament typology is fulfilled by the realities of the New Covenant in Christ. This course will also lead you to a deeper appreciation and understanding of our inheritance in Christ.


In this course, students will be instructed in the preparation of a people to rule and reign with Christ here on the earth; the building of character, integrity and stability in a people; dealing with right attitudes, right motives, and right actions in our daily lives.

CHAPEL: 1 credit (3 course options)

These courses are intended to cover similar topics as Bethany’s on-campus Chapel services. Course material is taken from messages and books from Bethany leadership. Students may choose from the following Chapel courses:

· Ministry to God
· David and His Mighty Men
· Prayer: Rees Howells, Intercessor


To enroll, complete and submit the Correspondence School Enrollment Form.