Financial Aid

Because Bethany is not an accredited school, we cannot accept federal or state financial aid. Please contact the Admissions Office for information about the following options for financial assistance:

· Student Scholarship Award: 50% scholarship awarded yearly to one new student

· Youth Conference Scholarship: 15% scholarship available to students who have attended Youth Week or Challenge

Spouse Rate

Spouses of Bethany students receive a 50% discount on tuition and room and board rates.

Family Rate

Immediate family members (such as siblings or children) of Bethany students recieve a 15% discount on tuition and room and board rates.


Student Scholarship Award Information

50% scholarship awarded to one new applicant. This one year $3,000 scholarship will be granted to an applicant who demonstrates the potential to benefit from Bethany's unique vision and ministry. The award is not based on spiritual maturity or Christian experience but the applicant's desire to pursue God's call on his/her life at Bethany.


Pastor's Referral Scholarship

Bethany offers a 15% discount to anyone specifically recommended by their pastor. This person is not someone who merely receives their pastor's recommendation but someone the pastor whole-heartedly recommends. This is someone the pastor sees has a call of God on their life and who should go a step further in their preparation for the ministry.


Referral Scholarship

These scholarships are awarded to new students who are recommended to Bethany by: an Alumni, a BMF member, a Bethany Partner or by a former student as having the call of God on their lives. Each of these scholarship recipients receives a 15% discount on tuition and room and board costs at Bethany. Note: Please contact the Admissions Office for specific Referral Applications including Alumni, BMF, Bethany Partner and former student referrals.