Biblical Studies Program
Advanced Biblical Studies Program
Short Term Certificate Program
School Within A School


The Biblical Studies Program is a two-year course designed to encourage students to establish a foundation in the Word of God and to develop a strong devotional life and relationship with the Lord.


This program is a one-year course offered to those who have completed the Biblical Studies Program or its equivalent and emphasizes training for ministry and greater student participation in class discussions, teaching and prayer.


The Short-Term Certificate Courses are designed for students who are unable to devote two or three years to Bible school. Each two-quarter (four-month) course provides a sampling of classes from all three years of the regular school curriculum and exposes students to a variety of theological subjects. Credits from the Certificate Program are transferrable to the Biblical Studies or Advanced Biblical Studies Program.


The School Within a School program is designed to propel students beyond the classroom into experiencing the practical and spiritual realities of ministry. Each school combines classroom instruction with practical experience to help students pursue God’s call on their lives.

Students will be involved in ministry opportunities relating to their specific area of study, including outstations to other churches and involvement in school and community activities. Guest teachers will also share on various aspects of ministry relating to the schools.

Each school is a 3-credit course offered for two quarters as part of the Biblical Studies, Advanced Biblical Studies and Short-Term Certificate Courses. School Within a School programs are available to full-time students or with permission from the Dean.

School of Prayer and Intercession

Students will meet weekly for instruction and group prayer. Classes will include teaching on what the Bible says about intercession and the life of Jesus, the great Intercessor. Class requirements will include spending time in individual prayer each the week in addition to personal devotions.

School of Worship

Students will meet weekly for instruction on biblical principles of worship, basic music theory, worship as a lifestyle and practical worship guidelines. Students will spend time in individual and group worship each week and are encouraged to seek God for new worship songs. They will have opportunities to participate on the worship team in chapels, conferences and weekly student-led worship services.

School of Biblical Studies

Students will meet weekly for instruction and discussion and will spend time in personal Bible study, with ready and study assignments related to the study topic. Study topics may include Bible study methods, the covenants of the Bible, the cross and the blood of Jesus, or other topics selected by the group.

School of Missions and Outreach

Students will meet weekly to be instructed in cross cultural communication, missions fundraising, evangelism, and other areas related to the Christian’s responsibility to fulfill Christ’s great commission. Students will participate in outreaches through Victory Christian Church in Albany, NY, community outreaches, and have an opportunity to go on a short-term missions trip.

School of Youth Ministry

Students will meet weekly to learn various aspects of youth ministry, including priorities in youth ministry, dealing with conflict, youth issues, working with a team and planning for youth ministry. They will participate in youth outreaches through Victory Christian Church in Albany, NY and assist with Bethany’s youth conference, Challenge.

School of Prophecy

“…the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy (Revelation 19:10).”
“Pursue love, and desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy (1 Corinthians 14:1).”
Students will be instructed in biblical principles of prophecy and will devote time to waiting and listening to the heart and voice of God to hear what He is saying and to become a voice for Him in prayer and prophecy.

School of Preaching

The School of Preaching is an introductory course on the basics of preaching. Students will learn what goes into the development and delivery of expository sermons, both deductive and inductive. Attention is also given to the preparation of the preacher. Students will gain experience in Scripture meditation, sermon writing and delivery.