Spiritual Life

Students are encouraged to develop a lifelong hunger for intimacy with God that can only be satisfied by spending time in His presence.

Spiritual development is not separate from other aspects of life, and Bethany considers every area of life part of a student’s spiritual training, including “practical” aspects such as work ethic, community living and self-discipline.

While students may enter with little or no knowledge of the moving of the Holy Spirit, all are expected to be open to His working in their hearts and lives. God meets the students both corporately and individually.


Chapels are held Tuesday through Thursday during the school year. Students may participate in chapel by leading worship, sharing testimonies, preaching, praying for special needs, learning to enter into worship and learning to recognize and function in the moving of the Holy Spirit.

Sunday Worship

All students are required to attend a Sunday morning service at a church of their choice and are encouraged to support a church through their attendance, active participation and tithes.


Each student is assigned to a counselor who is available for prayer and Biblical counsel for individual needs. A dorm counselor is also available for the men’s and women’s dorms.