Student Life
Bethany students come from all over the United States and around the world. They range in age from high school graduates to retirees and have different backgrounds, different educational experiences and many different callings, but the common factor among our students is a love for the Lord and a desire to follow Him fully.
Bethany offers a variety of activities throughout the year to students, including:
·      Christmas and Graduation Dinners
·      Off campus Sports
·      Student-led Home Groups
·      Coffee House
·      Fall and Spring School Picnics
·      Movie and Game Nights
Students are assigned a mailbox and issued a mailbox key upon arrival.
Students should check with their cell phone carrier before arrival to determine if they provide cell phone coverage in the area.
Student Vehicles
Student vehicles must be insured. Parking space is provided at the school location and is available at designated areas at the apartment complex.
School Breaks
School breaks are listed on the School Calendar. Students have the option of remaining on campus or visiting family or friends during breaks.
Nearby airports are located in Norfolk or Newport News and the nearest bus and train station is also located in Newport News. Bethany can arrange for transportation to the school for a charge. Please contact Guest Relations at least one week in advance for a transportation pick-up.