Student Regualtions


When God called the Nazirites apart for service to Him in Numbers 6:1-8, He required that they take a vow of separation—to abstain from certain things out of a willing commitment to deepen their relationship with Him.

Similarly, at Bethany, students have the opportunity to lay aside things that may have normally been acceptable to give their undivided focus to God. The student regulations are intended to help students structure and discipline their lives to make the most of their time at Bethany and to allow others in the campus community to do the same.

Student guidelines are presented in detail in the Student Handbook. In addition to academic standards, students are expected to show evidence of spiritual growth and character development. Students will receive a Student Handbook at Registration; a copy of the handbook is available in advance upon request.


All clothing must be modest and neat. During the winter, warm clothing is necessary. For work and recreation, jeans, t-shirts and sweatshirts are acceptable.

School Attire: Classes and Chapel

Women: dress pants and shirts, skirts or dresses knee-length or longer
Men: dress pants and collared shirt